Si Frumkin appeared on a number of TV and radio shows and has contributed articles to countless magazines and newspapers. Si Frumkin taught a number of college level courses on Eastern Europe, Jewish history, and the Middle East. Si Frumkin participates in the Simon Wiesenthal Center Outreach and 'Meet a Survivor' program, has gone on international missions to China and Japan for the opening of Holocaust exhibits there and is also an active advocate of the campaign to free Jonathan Pollard. In Los Angeles Si Frumkin worked closely with Zev Yaroslavsky who was SCCSJ executive director for 5 years and who headed the Calif. Students for Soviet Jews before being elected to L.A. City Council, and in 1995 to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.
Si Frumkin is currently the associate editor and columnist for the California-based Russian-language weekly 'Panorama', as well as a free-lance contributor to a number of national and international publications Si Frumkin founded the Southern California Council for Soviet Jews - an independent activist organization
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Welcome to Si Frumkin website Los Angeles Panorama. Si Frumkin lives now in Los Angeles Si Frumkin is a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews. Si Frumkin had been appointed to the L.A. City Human Relations Commission in 1993, and in 2002 to the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Board.

Holocaust Did Happen!SCCSJ is proud to announce that we have finished one of Si Frumkin's major projects: we have published the book "The Holocaust DID Happen!"

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"The Holocaust Did Happen!" is a collection of memoirs written by the Holocaust Survivors from the former Soviet Union. These stories are heartbreaking accounts of an unimaginable world where atrocity became a way of life and survival a miracle. They offer a testament to the future generations that evil existed, exists and will exist so it must be actively confronted in each generation. Holocaust DidHappen!It is critical that we immortalize the victims in our memory and in our children’s memory so that the tragedy of the Jewish people during the years of the Second World War is never repeated. This book is ideal for educators to use when teaching the Holocaust because each story is another compelling lesson. People of all religions and backgrounds should be drawn to these stories because it touches the heart of all humanity.

Here are some of the endorsements of the book:
"This book brings for the first time, to a wide public - and to the young generation - the memoirs of those in the Soviet Union who survived the Nazi Holocaust. It is important and timely".
Sir Martin Gilbert
British historian and the author of more than 80 books, including works on the Holocaust and Jewish history, the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill.

"I wholeheartedly endorse the commitment of Ella Frumkin to carry on the Holy work of her late husband Si, of Blessed Memory to ensure that the full scope of the fate of Jews in the former Soviet Union during the brutal years of the Second World War is made available to future generations. It is an unparalleled chapter of suffering, martyrdom, defiance and heroism that neither Nazism or Communism could erase. Without the opportunity to learn about these painful years, the Jewish People’s collective Memory of the Shoah would be incomplete. I look forward to housing this book at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and sharing its lessons with my own grandchildren."
Rabbi Abraham Cooper
the Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish human rights organization with over 400000 family members

"The testimonials of Holocaust survivors contained in this volume are timely and important. At a time when the number of Holocaust deniers is on the rise and the number of survivors is dwindling, the experiences documented in the following pages are as critical as ever. Future generations who will be brought into this world long after the last survivor is gone will have only these biographical testimonies and others like them, to turn to for evidence of the greatest crime ever committed against mankind."
Zev Yaroslavsky
Los Angeles County Supervisor

"The stories contained in this book are touching, first-hand accounts of unbelievable courage, faith and hope in the face of unimaginable adversity; yet, they are far more than personal accounts of the sufferings of individuals at the hands of cruel oppressors. They are vivid reminders to all future generations that evil exists and must be actively confronted in each generation. Every Christian should realize that the Holocaust was a heinous attempt by evil to wipe out all God-fearing people. Even our faith was attacked at its root - Judaism!"
Pastor Timothy J. Hinkle
Senior Pastor, Victory Tabernacle, Sacramento, CA
Co-Founder, Come Answer The Call
President, Christian Faith Outreach
Board of Directors, Israel Christian Nexus
Board of Directors, International Ministerial Association W. Dist.

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Si Frumkin publishes Graffiti for Intellectuals - a biweekely newsletter.
home of Si Frumkin website In 1989 Si Frumkin participated in the first-ever Union of Councils meeting in the Soviet Union, visited several cities, and met hundreds of Soviet Jewish activists.
Si Frumkin Newsletters Si Frumkin co-founded and served as president of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews that became the largest independent Soviet Jewry organization with over 100,000 members in more than 40 cities.
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Candlelight Walk for the Soviet Jews in Los Angeles in December 1969.
Si Frumkin has been very involved in legislation and campaigns dealing with restitution to Holocaust survivors worldwide